Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why can't I just make a hole

Alongside a road was a sign that maintained
"boring experts" was there just as plain as day
Now I thought to myself of my own claim to this throne
25 years of trying to just make a hole
It seems so simple, so tried and so true,
....and yet its not!

Now I'm reminded of the bore I don't want to mention
when under a road 4 lanes to be sure 
I left 50 grand in steel under Renton
It seemed so simple to just make a hole.

Or what about crossing Division
4 threes feeding lifeblood of power to the new mall
weaving and bobbing 20 feet below
pressures are rising
and the pipes slow to a crawl
minutes before it seemed so easy
and now it ends without a new hole

Working downtown late at night 
I see people talking to themselves alone
what are they saying, pondering and thinking
could it be that they are burned out 
by too many years of boring... 
instead of drinking?

With all the risks, why do I try?
A casino bet with odds stacked against us
 but half science, half luck and half pray
will carry me through and save the day.

Crossed the Grande Ronde, the Blackfoot and Little Spokane
conquering shots and crossings where no other can
up three rotate two, and straight as an arrow
we are pulling it through.

Making a hole is harder than it seems
geology is against us, so I won't make the claim
 of Boring expert cause it is fleeting and lame

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